So, why do you write plays?

I often tell people that my love for writing began when I started combining letter blocks as a toddler. I have enjoyed writing and theatrical storytelling for as long as I remember. My “career” as a writer began by submitting short stories to creative writing contests at my local public library when I was seven.

I consider myself an artist/activist, and as such I see my role as a political and cultural galvanizer. I know that I have written something great when I see my work reaching across cultural lines and creating conversations. I want to promulgate stories that have been shifted to the margins of society and that represent my own unique perspective. My goal is to continue exploring the underrepresented facets of our culture and our history, as well as their intersections with my own experience as a bisexual, mixed-raced (Black, Native American & White) man in America. Through my work, I strive to create opportunities for people who do not and historically have not been allowed to express themselves.

I love to do research when I write, whether that means exploring historical archives, reading books, sailing across the Internet, speaking with folks about their experiences. I believe that is how ideas and stories grow. That’s how I grow too.

Theatre is a queer space, which is probably why I feel so comfortable in it. Its boundaries are ever-evolving and changing with innovations in technology, theory, and culture. Through my work, I hope to expand the notions of what theater is and what it can be in the 21st century. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me.